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When it comes to capturing a loved one's likeness, there's nothing quite like a portrait painting. A well-crafted portrait painting not only preserves a memory, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. But finding a portrait painter who can create a masterpiece that is both affordable and of international quality can be a challenging task. Fortunately, offers a wide range of portrait paintings that are sure to suit your style and budget.


Our 3 by 3 foot canvas portrait paintings are the perfect size for a striking display in your living room or bedroom. Our skilled artists work tirelessly to create a portrait painting that captures the essence of your loved one, from their unique features to their personality. Whether you want a traditional portrait or a contemporary interpretation, we have the expertise to create a painting that will exceed your expectations.


At, we are committed to offering our customers the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality. We source our portrait paintings directly from artists and manufacturers, cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you. This means you can afford to have a stunning portrait painting created without breaking the bank.


We also offer free shipping on all our portrait paintings, no matter where in the world you are located. Our paintings are carefully packaged and shipped to your doorstep, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.


In addition to our 3 by 3 foot portrait paintings, we also offer a variety of other sizes and styles to suit your home decor needs. Whether you are looking for a small portrait painting to add a personal touch to your desk or a large painting to make a statement in your living room, we have a painting that will fit your requirements.


At, we are passionate about art and home decor. We believe that a well-crafted portrait painting is more than just a decoration; it's a piece of art that tells a story. Let us help you capture your loved one's likeness in a way that will be treasured for years to come. Shop our collection today and experience the beauty of a custom portrait painting.